96th DOG Annual Meeting, 1998


Reasons for lOL-Explantation as a late posteroperative complication after cataract-surgery

R.Welt, D. Apple

Even after a remain of IOL for many years they can lead to a severe postoperative complication and an explantation might be neccessary. Investigations of such lenses can give a hint if there a material defects, an unsuitable lense design, reactions of the tissue, chronical infections or mechanical problems who caused the complications.

Results of such investigations are of a guiding signification for the selection of the material, lense design, the technique of implantation and the choice of the implant material.

Explanted IOL with a fourty-years intraocular remain were evaluated and worked up according to light- and electron microscope, histochemical as material-technique investigations in the new created European Center for IOL- Research (Cooperation of the Center for Research on Oculartherapeutics and Biodevices, Storm Eye Institute, Charleston/USA and the Eye Hospital as the lnstitute for Pathology of the clinic of Ludwigshafen).

First results demonstrate, that older IOL show deficiencies in the purity of material and the quality of manufacturing, the moden IOL cause problems by the design of the lense and the design of the surface of the lense, as also by the clhoice of the material.

Klinikum der Stadt Ludwigshafen gGmbH

Medical University of South Carolina