96th DOG Annual Meeting, 1998


Corneal tissue characteristics in relation to donor and procurement parameters

P.Vassileva, K. Bratanov, J. Mazgalova, Y. Koleva

The Eye bank of Sofia has been established as an independent health institution with a purpose to procure, examine and distribute corneal tissue for transplantation. Good collaboration with pathology departments is critical for assuring good quality of donor tissue. We screened 1526 potential donors, and procured 422 corneas from 218 of them (14.2%). The reasons for donor rejection are: age above 65 years – 45%, organizational – 28,4%, medical contraindications – 26,6%. The results of tissue evaluation were correlated with donor characteristics: age, cause of death, pathological diagnosis, and death to preservation time.

International Eye bank of Sofia, Ministry of Health Sofia, Bulgaria